I am a professional racing driver competing in the Blancpain GT Series for AKKA ASP Mercedes AMG. The series travels all over Europe, with the highlight being the Total Spa 24 Hours in July.

The Championship is the most competitive GT series in the world, with over 50 cars competing. The series is split in Sprint, where I will be driving alongside Raffaele Marciello, and Endurance, where I will drive with Marciello and Edoardo Mortara.

The Mercedes AMG GT3 is a stunning looking car, and great to drive. Mercedes are the current Blancpain GT Series champions, so this year we are hoping to repeat that and I believe we have a great opportunity to do so.

“The Mercedes AMG GT3

is a stunning looking

car, and great to


"I’ve been passionate about motorsport for over 30 years and in recent times we have backed a number of young drivers as a sponsor - not only because we see immense value in motorsport as a platform, but also because we want to help talent be showcased.

I have to say, Michael has been a delight to work with - he is personable and has always made us feel part of his team. We have seen value well beyond his on track results."

− Adrian Giles, Venesis

             “..I’m leaving everything

out on the track..”

My career so far has been very rewarding, winning two Porsche Carrera Cup GB championships with 2 different teams was an important moment in my life. Once I became a winner, it gave me the determination to make sure it kept happening.

My goal is to constantly put all my efforts into being the best I can be, and it might mean not always winning, but as long as I’m leaving everything out on the track, there will always be a chance.

Motorsport is incredibly competitive and you have to be at your best to compete, let alone win. It is this challenge that gets me up in the morning and gives me the energy to push myself.

Becoming the first ever winner of the prestigious BRDC Silver Star  outside Touring Cars is an achievement I am immensely proud of.

Having missed out by only eight points in 2011, the first of my Drivers’ Championships in GT cars came in 2012 with Redline Racing…

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